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We offer a self-paced program for adults who need to complete their high school diploma.  This fast track program allows working adults to complete the program at their own pace.  Most adults who drop out of high school think the only route to graduation is a GED. National High School provides adults affordable options to earn the high school diploma. 

Remember, there is no magic to earning an accredited high school diploma. You must complete required courses to earn your high school graduation. You can not take a test or simply pay a fee to earn a high school diploma that will help you advance at work or attend colleges, technical or vocational schools. All it requires is will and determination. National High School will help you with the rest. 

Earn your high school diploma while taking care of your family and working all from the comfort of your home. With the National High School diploma, you can transfer most credits or start with no credits. Adult students must take at least 25% of their coursework with National High School to earn their high school diploma.

To Get Started We Need The Following:

1. You must be 19 or older

2.  A copy of your high school transcript.

(We need your past academic record so you can receive credit for what you have done in the past. It does not matter  whether you have been out of school for 2 years or 10 years, we can accept the credits. If you have been out of school for sometime, you will need to call the Board of Education to acquire your records). Once you have your records, you can email them to us at or fax them to 404.759.2308. 

3. We need a copy of your state issued ID.

4. You need to select a tuition plan.

5. Complete the enrollment form. 

6. Pay your enrollment fee and first month of tuition. 

Its that simple! All your documents should be sent together via email at or via fax at 404.759.2308

Transcript Request Form

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