High School Diploma

Students who are ages 13-18 can take  begin or complete their high school diploma online with National High School. 

National High School’s admissions requirements are aligned with the state of Georgia's requirements. It is important that we put forth graduates with a well rounded education that we enforce through our graduation requirements. This way we ensure that each student receives an education that continues to open additional avenues where they can continue a post-secondary education, move onto the work force, or continue with the military.

National High School’s diploma program’s flexibility allows for students to transfer in credits earned from a previous high school at any age and pick up from where they left off, as long as a transcript is provided. National High School’s platform allows for students who have been previously home schooled to integrate their home school experience, as long as a transcript is provided.

For those students who wish to transfer credits, you must take 25% of your coursework at National High School to earn a high school diploma. 

Graduation Pathways

  • Advanced Diploma 
  • Regular Diploma 

Learn How to Enroll

Advance Diploma (24 Credits Required for Gradation)

*students may substitutes courses if they are at a higher level

Regular Diploma (24 Credits Required for Graduation)

substitutions can be applied

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